Muscle x Veganism: how to gain lean mass with this lifestyle

A person who wants to achieve muscle hypertrophy usually seeks to have a balanced diet with the correct amount of macros and micronutrients. We know that the main nutrient for post-workout and gaining lean mass is protein. It is largely responsible for providing amino acids so that the body can recover damaged muscle tissue during training and thus achieve hypertrophy and gain lean mass.

Thus, it is common for the dietary routine of an athlete who seeks hypertrophy to be full of protein foods, such as eggs, milk, chicken and other meats, to “beat” the amount certain amount of nutrient. For this reason, by smoothing this aspect, some people believe that those who adopt veganism cannot achieve the much desired muscle hypertrophy.

Today, due to the awareness of many, veganism has been adopted more and more every day. This lifestyle consists of the exclusion of everything derived from the exploitation of animals, whether for clothing, decoration, food or any other purpose. Thus, the diet of those who adopt the lifestyle is regulated by vegetables, without any food of animal origin, such as dairy products, eggs, meat and other derivatives.

For this reason, some people think that vegan-based eating influences muscle mass gain. However, this view is somewhat mistaken, since all the nutrients needed in an athlete’s diet that seeks hypertrophy do not necessarily have to be of animal origin.

Protein – the main nutrient for muscle recovery – is not only present in these foods, it is also found in beans, peas, chickpeas, sesame, soy, in oilseeds, among others. Thus, for vegans looking to gain muscle mass, investing in these foods is a great alternative. Therefore, those who adhere to the practice need not believe in the myth, as there are many foods that help in their ingestion.


Of course that we cannot exclude people who need to ingest a high amount of the macronutrient, and as in the vegan diet the facility to find carbohydrates is much greater than protein, they end up having a certain difficulty in being able to consume the necessary amount in the day.

To meet this demand from many athletes, vegan supplements are a great option. Derived from foods such as soy, peas and rice, they are able to offer a good amount of protein as much as those of animal origin and, thus, make the athlete achieve his goals.

Analyzing these aspects, it can be seen that those who want to achieve muscle hypertrophy do not need to be insecure if their lifestyle is veganism, as there are many resources that can help to achieve goals. For this, if there are doubts about the diet and supplements, a specialized professional can assist in making an appropriate choice.

Anderson Smith

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