Common mistakes in feeding children.

Much is said about muscle hypertrophy, however, few have true knowledge about it and how it really happens. So, let’s clear up some common doubts that we see frequently out there …

In fact, the growth phase of children requires that they have a healthy diet for a good development. It is very common, from a certain age, that they have a lack of appetite and, therefore, this problem causes parents to despair and make some mistakes in feeding the little ones.

Some signs indicate that children are not eating as well as headaches, weight loss or gain, lack of energy to study or play and dry skin. We know that teaching them to eat well is not one of the easiest tasks, however, if we start to observe some errors this will already facilitate the whole process. To make observation uncomplicated, we separate the most common mistakes that are important to avoid:

1- Too much sugar: too much soft drinks and sweets makes children get used to it and don’t want to eat anything else. Sugar is very attractive for the palate and therefore it should only be offered sporadically. Another important factor is that they are not given as a reward, so they will always “blackmail” them so that they are granted.

2- Replacing water with juices or soft drinks: water is paramount in anyone’s life, whether adult or child. Therefore, the habit must be created early and for that, it should not be replaced, mainly by soft drinks, which are addictive and can be a big problem in the future.

Гипоалллергенная диета для детей: в чем заключается, принципы

3- Forcing to eat: it is common for many mothers to despair when their child loses appetite and for this reason, makes him eat even without hunger. These situations must be avoided as much as possible, good nutrition must be taught and encouraged, not forced. When this happens, a great solution is to assemble drawings on the plate with the food in a very colorful way, this draws the attention of the little ones and encourages healthy eating.

4- Offer many vegetables in the same way: for children, many vegetables do not have an attractive appearance and this makes them reject these Therefore, presenting them in the same way makes them behave the same for everyone. For this attitude to change, the way of presenting food must be different, making them at least try and know what they like and what they don’t like.

5- Not creating a routine: not having a diet routine makes the child get used to eating what he wants at the time he wants. This causes numerous problems such as anemia, obesity and other diseases that interfere with health. Therefore, a routine should be stipulated and presented so that she gets used to it and knows how important meal times are.

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