Learn the secrets of the flexible diet

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get in shape without having to go on an extremely restrictive diet? This diet exists, its name is flexible diet.

Understanding the flexible diet

Known as the Flexible Diet or IIFYM (If it fit your macros), which literally means If that fits your macros ”, that is, this diet calculates the amount of macronutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibers that a person can ingest per day and thus establishes the amounts of calories that must be ingested for the person to reach their goals.

IIFYM is based on replacement of foods with the same caloric properties, however, with different nutritional values. So, so that this replacement is done effectively, it is essential to know the food groups (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibers), as well as calories and nutritional properties of each food, so that the exchange is adapted to
amount of macronutrients needed in the individual diet. Per example:

– 2 slices of brown bread equals 5 tablespoons of rice.

– 1 fruit equals 1 slice of whole grain bread.

To establish the amount of necessary macronutrients, it is necessary to undergo a physical evaluation, which considers weight, height, activities practiced and, above all, objectives, after all, this type of diet can be used both for weight loss weight and gain, everything depends on how it will be elaborated.

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Let’s meet the advantages and disadvantages of adopting additives flexible?

As the name says, this type of diet allows more flexibility in food consumption, being intake of sweets, fried foods and fats. For this very reason, this diet has advantages and disadvantages:


  •  The flexible diet requires that macronutrients be monitored, allowing progress to be monitored and providing better results.
  •  This type of diet provides greater control over the intake of harmful foods to the body, such as sugars and processed foods, proving to be a very sustainable diet in the long run.
  •  Transform the process into a more pleasant experience.

Disadvantages :

– Difficulty in calculating and monitoring daily macronutrient intake

– Difficulty balancing the nutrients consumed, causing the effectiveness of the diet to be reduced

Today, we know that with a diet adequate to your needs, it is possible to balance the organism and maximize the
results in the search for good shape. The flexible diet can be adapted to different goals, both for weight loss, as for gain and even for those who aim to maintain the body.

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