Organic products see the benefits!

An organic product is any product that is obtained through natural raw materials, without the need for chemical products, in the case of products of plant origin, or the use of synthetic hormones that favor growth in a non-organic manner. natural in the case of animals.

In the case of plant products, the soil is now treated as the main source of nutrition, free of pesticides, pesticides, chemical or transgenic fertilizers, with due regard for the natural properties of the product.

The great advantage of this type of production, is that it results in tastier and healthier foods, cosmetics with nutritional and antioxidant properties , in addition to contributing to the preservation of the soil, which remains fertile and free of toxicities.

These products undergo a strict quality control, from the planting process of the raw material to the packaging and receive a seal that proves their quality. The body responsible for this certification is .

The seal guarantees that the entire production process was carried out according to the rules of organic production, as stated in the legislation. Therefore, if a product receives a certification seal, it means that it has gone through the following steps:

1. Periodic inspections at the production site

2. Evaluation by a council formed by farmers, processors, academics, technicians and consumers

3. Checking the product’s purity level


Choosing certified organic products, whether in food, hygiene or beauty products, is to guarantee the best for your health. Let us know some advantages of consuming organic products with seal:


Alimentos orgânicos dentro de uma cesta

In addition to providing more health and well-being, organic production allows for a sustainable management of the environment in a balanced way, providing, in addition to products of excellent quality, the preservation of nature. The production of a simple soap takes, in addition to raw materials, thousands of liters of water, energy and generates waste, choosing products with Ecocert seal means consuming quality products that exploit the resources of nature in a sustainable way.

Organic products go far beyond cooking. Here at E-nutri you will find a complete line of Ecocert certified products to use in your day-to-day life – soaps, shampoos and conditioners and even oils for hydration. Visit our website and guarantee yours!

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