Diet and exercise: how to reach your goal

Leading a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight can lead to serious health problems. According to data collected by the Ministry of Health , three out of every 100 deaths registered in the country may have been influenced by a sedentary lifestyle . This means that among 1.3 million registered deaths, more than 34 thousand may be associated with diseases caused by the lack of eating habits, healthier diets and the absence of any physical exercise.

With that, the search for good shape has been seen with new looks and has become something very sought after
by a large portion of society. And due to the evidence that leaves transparent health risks caused by sedentary lifestyle and obesity, many people started to take more care, trying to practice some activity seeking to maintain a healthier diet through diets.

However, we know that to stand firm in the gym or playing some sport and, especially in the diet, it’s a little difficult, but so you don’t get discouraged and stay focused on your goals, we’ve separated essential tips to keep you active
and thus achieve the best results . Check it out!

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Create a routine

Everything is a matter of habit and, for that reason, using lack of time as an excuse will not help at all! Therefore, it is essential that you create a routine of your diet and your workouts. Don’t have time to practice physical activity every day? Establish 3 days a week and remain firm and focused on your diet. In time everything will become a common part of your daily life and you will no longer see it as a sacrifice.

Don’t adopt a radical stance

You don’t have to refuse all party invitations and stop consuming what you like! a of the biggest mistakes of those who decide to have healthy habits is to adopt a posture very radical. This attitude can generate frustrations and make you discouraged frequently and discount everything in the food.

It is important that you know that within a healthy diet it is possible to fit all food, including that chocolate you love so much! The secret is in amount you consume them.

Leave your clear goals

If your decision to lead a healthier life have a specific desire such as weight loss and / or gaining muscle mass, it is important that you set your goals clearly. So, set short and long term goals and make it visible which path you will take to reach them.

Have patience

One of the main reasons for discourage people from following a diet accompanied by training, is not realizing
immediate results and believe that every effort is not generating results. However, you need to keep in mind that your results will appear over time and not overnight. Having constancy and patience is key , with time and dedication, you will surely reach all your goals.

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Be realistic and respect your body

You need to have the awareness that wanting the impossible increases your chances of giving up diet and training more easily. Set objectives based on bodies of famous people who have no familiarity with their biotype is not the
most recommended. So, set achievable goals and respect your body, seek your best shape and don’t feel guilty about not having that beautiful body that appears on your television screen.

If you are just starting your weight loss process, know that willpower and determination are the best components for you to achieve the desired result. Did you like these tips? Keep following our blog and stay on top of more subjects related to diets and training!

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